WhatsApp 2019 Features

With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp is undoubtedly the preferred instant messaging app across the world, but it is not the one to rest on its laurels, for it is constantly evolving—with updates and new features.

After introducing several new features in the past year, including the popular stickers, WhatsApp will bring to its platform the highly anticipated Dark Mode in 2019, among several other updates that will underscore its No.1 position among chat apps.


Here’s what to expect from WhatsApp in 2019:

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Forwarding that ubiquitous “good night” photo or message to a loved one will be less of a strain on your eyes in 2019 as the WhatsApp Dark Mode will dim the platform’s interface when used at night. It will also help users save on battery life of their phones.


Fingerprint Unlock

WhatsApp is rumoured to incorporate a fingerprint lock mechanism within the app to address privacy concerns that plagued tech and social media firms for most of 2018.

The feature will come into play every time a user opens the app to check a message and removes the need to install a separate fingerprint lock app from Google Play or the App Store.


Video Preview

For a premium user experience WhatsApp Video Preview feature will enable users to see a video right from the notification tray. The current version of WhatApp allows viewing of only GIFs and images from the notification bar but not videos.


Consecutive Voice Message

WhatsApp has something for everyone in the New Year. The new Consecutive Voice Message feature will be useful to those who chat via voice messages. Users will no longer need to tap on every voice messages to hear them; the app will automatically play the next message after you finish listening to the first one.


Sticker Search

After Emojis and GIFs, WhatsApp is extending the search option to Stickers as well. A user will be able to search for their favourite sticker in the bottom drawer of the app by simply typing in the relevant words—making it easier and faster to communicate with stickers.

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