Internet protection you should know

Today’s world, everyone is concern about their internet privacy. If you are concern about your privacy, then this is the article for you. Did you know all of your activities are being recorded on internet? Anyone can learn about your from internet. Most importantly, giant companies like Google, MicroSoft, Apple, etc… knows more than about you.

Let’s delete your traces on internet. Do a basic search with the keyword being your name, this is the most basic thing. So that you can get to know what you are dealing with.

1. Make note of all websites which display your information. It may be a donor site you sponsored sometimes back, a friend’s blog which has your name or pictures , a former employee website which still has your database or so on. Find the email address of the administrator and sent them a mail requesting them to delete the information or at least remove your name from it.

2Remove your addresses, phone and contact details from shopping website and then delete all your shopping website’s account.

3. Get away from social media. This can be achieved by deactivating all your social media accounts(Hard to digest! But, you should do it if you want no trace on internet). For important Email providers like G-mail and yahoo, just remove your personal info like name, address and so on. Using a service like DeleteMe can make removing yourself from the Internet less of a headache.

4. Be anonymous in search engines, do not log in, just use it without supplying your personal information like Location, Email and so on.

5You can request search engines like Google, yahoo or bing to remove you from their rankings by filling a simple course.

You will be able to remove all the traces of your existence from the web. After some time, do the basic search again and find out the results of your hard work.

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