Best SMS organiser app for Android

Replace your boring default SMS application with these smarter and more productive third-party text messaging apps.

Default SMS applications on most of the Android phones are really boring. With WhatsApp becoming the preferred mode for texting, SMSes are nowadays used for storing OTPs, promotional offers and alerts from the network service provider.

Fortunately, Android gives you the option to replace these boring default SMS apps with much better and feature-rich third-party SMS apps. Let’s take a look at some of the best SMS apps for your Android smartphone.


Android Messages

Google’s official application, Android Messages, is one of the finest third-party SMS clients. The app has been updated to function like WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface. Just like WhatsApp Web, Android Messages lets you use the app on your desktop as well.


Apart from texts, the application allows you to send stickers, emoji, and even attach images. There’s an option to send GIFs as well. Google’s predictive ‘Smart Reply’ feature is also there. Android Messages is one of the few apps to support Google’s new Dark Mode.


Microsoft SMS Organizer

Microsoft’s SMS Organizer is one of the first applications to use machine learning models to automatically categorise messages into sections such as important and promotional.


The application also alerts users about the upcoming bill payments, movies, and even travel. You can favorite a message for quicker access. Other important features of this productivity-focused app includes blocking spams, mark message as promotion and personalise notifications for different kind of messages.

You can also back up your SMS data on your Google account.

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